Marketing Your Home

Our advertising program, a tried and proven one,  is based on the experiences of the most highly successful Real Estate Brokers in the country.  Advertising does not sell homes – Real Estate Professionals sell homes.

There are many ways of merchandising your home and many sources of buyer activity:

50% Internet

21% Open Houses

12% Reputation and Referral – Company and Personal

10% Past Clients

4% Community Contacts

2% ""For Sale"" Signs

1% Newspaper – Advertising Magazines

Our promotional efforts include designing a complete marketing program specifically for your home.

Efforts to market your home begin before you sign the listing agreement.  Our ongoing advertising and promotion program generates a pool of prospective buyers – one of which may be interested in your home.

Specific marketing activities for your home begin the moment you sign the listing agreement.  From installing the ""For Sale"" sign, to scheduling and writing advertisements, we are constantly working to sell your home.  Our proven plan is designed to make as many people as possible, including real estate agents and prospective buyers, aware of your home's features.

Our Advertising and Marketing Program

  • Providing you a Market Preparation Guide
  • Providing 1:1 Staging Consultation with the use of Feng Shui
  • Installing ""For Sale by Marilyn O'Connor of RE/MAX"" Sign
  • Recognizing Color Pictures are Worth 1000 Words
  • Preparing an Information Flyer Including Facts and Photographs to be Placed Outside Next to Your ""For Sale"" Sign – makes buyers want to see inside
  • Adding Yard Sign Riders
  • Installing a SUPRA Lock Box on Your Door to Facilitate Ease of Showings
  • Entering the Home into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Computer System
  • Preparing a Home 2-Fold Highlight Brochure to Help Provide Information on Your Property
  • Preparing a Home Feature Booklet to Help Provide Information on Your Property
  • Notifying Other RE/MAX Sales Associates About the Property Through Bulletin Board and Hot Sheets
  • Conducting REALTOR® Tours and Open Houses
  • Conducting Public Open Houses
  • Scheduling Ads for One or More of the Following:
    • Chicago Tribune
    • NADIG Papers
    • Pioneer Press Papers
    • Listing Your Home on the Local RE/MAX Web Site on the Internet With a Virtual Tour and high visibility placement on internet search engines
    • Calling You with Feedback From Showing Agents and Prospective Buyers
    • Promoting the Property to Sales Associates at Meetings and in Their Offices
    • Follow-up with you at least every two weeks with a report on showings
    • Re-evaluate marketing plan, as necessary, to stay competitive
    • Completing Prospective Buyer Profile
    • Targeting Buyers' Agents
    • Coaching/Assisting Other Agents
    • Assisting with Contract Analysis
    • Financing Considerations
    • Conducting Skillful Negotiations
    • Utilizing Institutional Advertising and National Strength
    • Reviewing and Updating Contingency Planning
    • Hometown People and Pride!
    • Including Homeowner Warranty, if Necessary

"We bought, sold and moved all in under 90 days so our family could enjoy the holidays in our new place before the bad weather started!"     Lisa Rockenhaus sold in Mundelein, IL

"We were unsuccessful with another RE/MAX agent whom we were listed with for over a year. We gave Marilyn the listing and she has generated more showings and offers (many over the ask price). We are impressed with her commercial skills and knowledge of the market as well as her people skills."     Toni Magnini sold in Barrington, IL

Providing you a Market Preparation Guide

Your Seller's guide contains a section on staging your home.  This section provides over 150 simple ways you can prepare your home for the best showings possible.  In addition, the section contains thoughts on why buyers perceive things as they do.  This information will be helpful as you determine what changes you will want to make.

Providing 1:1 Staging Consultation with the Use of Feng Shui

How we live and how we sell homes are not necessarily one in the same.  Getting your home prepared just right can pay great dividends when marketing a home in a competitive setting.  We will agree on how your home should be set or ""staged"" for visitors.  Included will be critical advice on improvements, decorating, and welcoming tips for the public.  Making your home stand out in the eyes of prospective buyers and cooperating agents is crucial especially in this era when people look online first to preview a home.  Having a home that stands out from the masses will result in your home being the "bride rather than the bridesmaid" when it comes to results. I will use a holistic approach to your property including the use of my Western sales skills combined with Eastern Feng Shui incorporating a directional color wheel along with the use of numerology for a faster higher outcome.

Installing ""For Sale by Marilyn O'Connor of RE/MAX"" Sign

This marketing tool calls attention to your property 24 hours a day.  In addition to appealing to prospective  homebuyers, the yard sign attracts the attention of those who know prospective  homebuyers, such as neighbors, service people, passers by, and members of the real estate profession.

Adding Yard Sign Riders

Sign riders, those add on panels, can draw even more attention to the sign and to your property.  These enhance the chances of the ""drive by"" to pause, investigate, consider and to get more information.

Recognizing Color Pictures are Worth 1000 Words

A fresh perspective of a home like yours can be conveyed most effectively in color photographs.  We will take comprehensive photos of the interior and exterior of your home.  In addition, if you can locate various photos of your home through the changing seasons, we've learned that these are materials buyer's focus on and we will incorporate them. Great pictures can increase viewing traffic.

Preparing an Information Flyer

The home feature flyer is a one page 8.5 x 11 marketing communication that is placed outside of the home for individuals that drive by and want to grab additional information.  The flyer contains:

  • Address
  • Price
  • Description
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Your top 5 favorite things about your home

A sample of a possible layout is included later in this section.  These pages are printed on a high-gloss laminate paper to avoid damage due to inclement weather.

Installing a Lock Box on Your Door to Facilitate Ease of Showings

Appointments to preview or view your property will be scheduled as appropriate.  With the extreme demands on the time of agents and prospective homebuyers today, the easy access to your property afforded by an electronic Supra lockbox greatly enhances viewing opportunities and keeps your property high on associates' show lists.

Entering the Home into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Information on your property will be quickly (within 24 hours) and accurately disseminated via computer to all local real estate companies who are members of our multiple listing service.  Your home information will provide three state coverage and high internet visibility at major search engines/sites.  All Realtors in the area will have access to the information that your home is for sale.

Preparing a Home 2-Fold Highlight Brochure

Whether the visitor to your home is a cooperating agent or prospective transferring in home buyer previewing your property – you can be assured they will recall critical features long after they visited your home if they can take with them a detailed and colorful brochure about the property.  They are also great for special mailings and out of town prospects.  A sample of the layout is included later in this section.

Notifying other RE/MAX Sales Associates about the Property through Bulletin Board and Hot Sheets

Realtors at RE/MAX use bulletin boards to notify each other for their buyers and sellers:

  • ""On Deck"" postings identify homes that are going into the MLS system
  • ""What We're Looking For Board"" identifies homes that buyers are looking for

In addition, each RE/MAX agent e-mails each other with new listings.

Preparing a Home Feature Booklet

A Home Feature Booklet is a notebook that contains pertinent data about an individual property.  It includes specific information on the home itself, the area and schools, financing information on the existing loan and available loans and information on the company.  This booklet stays in the home for potential relocation buyers to view.

In addition, I will prepare Home Feature Flyers summarizing the information contained in the Home Feature Booklet for potential buyers to take with them.

This Home Feature Booklet and Flyers can be a valuable marketing tool in making potential buyers realize the quality and value your home has to offer.  It will also distinguish your home from the competition because most real estate agents won't go to the trouble to assemble them.

As part of my marketing plan, I prepare a Home Feature Booklet and Flyers because I have found that properties with them sell in a shorter period of time and usually for more money than other homes on the market.  The buyers appreciate the information, and it can become a permanent record for that home.

Part 1   Information on the Property

  • Photos
  • Survey of the home
  • Summary of special features
  • List of outstanding features
  • List of utility bills
  • List of exclusive features
  • Home Warranty information
  • Floor plan

Part 2   Information on the Area

  • List of schools
  • Neighborhood information
    • Shopping
    • Hospitals
    • Transportation
  • General/miscellaneous information

Part 3   Financial Proposals

Part 4   Information on the Agent and Company

Conducting REALTOR® Tours and Open Houses

This invitation to other Realtors to view your property without the need for an appointment or obligation is helpful in ""previewing"" your home for their potential buyers.  It can also regenerate attention to a home that has been on the market for a while.

Conducting public open houses

We will determine the appropriate times to hold open houses (usually on a bi-monthly basis) and will ""polish"" your home so that it is ready.  Many Realtors will suggest that their buyers use Saturdays and Sundays to go to open houses on their own.  This is our chance to really shine and welcome them into their new home.

Scheduling ads for one or more of the following:

    • Your town newspaper
    • Chicago Tribune

Listing Your Home on the Local RE/MAX Web Site and Other Sites on the Internet with a Virtual Tour

Most active homebuyers are looking on the Internet for homes for sale.  We provide your home with maximum exposure on the following Internet sites:

  • Chicago Tribune Homes
  • MSN Home Advisor
  • Yahoo! Real Estate

Calling you with Feedback from Showing Agents and Prospective Buyers

Whether your property is shown by one of our company's associates or an agent from a cooperating company, we will follow up to get a first hand reading on how well the showing went.  Often this provides an opportunity to discover an adjustment that you need to make.

Promoting the Property to Sales Associates at Meetings

Keeping your property in high profile (with our company's agents) will be a constant challenge recognizing the scope of the competing properties currently on the market.  Regular staff meetings of our firm enable us to focus the attention of our associates on your property.

Completing Prospective Buyer Profile

Based on our experience and current market conditions, we can research and project the circumstances and traits of the buyers most likely to be interested in a property like yours.

Targeting Buyers' Agents

We know where buyers come from!  Many of the best-qualified and motivated homebuyers in our market today have secured the services of a buyers' agent.  These agents will be targeted to receive detailed information and a special invitation to present your home to their buyer clients.

Coaching/Assisting Other Agents

No one will know more about your property and the circumstances relative to its marketing than we will as your listing agent.  Should cooperating agents encounter difficulty in presenting your home to prospective buyers, structuring terms and even securing financing for its sale, be assured that we have experience in lending cooperative assistance.

Assisting with Contract Analysis

Whenever agreements (contracts) to purchase are to be presented for your consideration, we will review the specifics of that agreement and their ramifications to insure your full understanding.

Financing Consideration

Our marketing goals cannot be realized without full analysis of the financial aspects of any agreement.  A review of the financial terms along with options and a risk analysis will be paramount in making the property available to as many bona fide purchasers as practice.  We will investigate, to your satisfaction, the ramifications of the buyers' purchasing power.

Conducting Skillful Negotiations

Structuring a win-win transaction requires thoughtful and objective planning and execution.  Often the strategy and techniques employed during negotiations with an interested party can properly culminate and become the successful final stage in marketing.  We will be consulting with you throughout this process and formulating a strategy to help achieve the desired results.

"We appreciated her knowledge of both markets and knowledge of new construction and upcoming communities. She was a strong negotiator getting us a $6k chandelier as well as the price we wanted! Plus she was on top of all aspects of our transaction making them go smoothly which we appreciated with our hectic work schedules and my husband traveling each week."     Sue Han sold in Des Plaines, purchased in Lake Villa, IL

Utilizing Institutional Advertising & National Strength

For years our firm has maintained a high and respected profile while holding strong name recognition as a reputable firm dedicated to quality service.  Our advertising is on going and targeted so people looking for homes will feel comfortable in looking to us for help.  You'll see our good name everywhere!  As active members of the REALTOR family, our firm and all its associates all on nationwide resources.  As members of a national network, we can capture the out of town purchaser who is looking for a local ""expert"" to guide their purchasing decision.  Our staff works hard to build skills and relationships to enhance the services to our seller clients.

Reviewing and Updating Contingency Planning

Adjustments are routinely called for during the marketing of any property.  Updating of the Market Analysis, modifying promotional efforts, and positioning the property in light of changing market conditions and new competition will ensure maximum results.

Hometown People and Pride

Real estate is – and always will be – a local transaction.  Our Broker and Management Team is comprised of people who know our area.  They live and grew up here.  The range of contacts they've developed over the years brings scores of prospects our way every year.  Often overlooked, that resource helps sell your home quicker and get you the best terms possible.

Knowing the Neighborhood

Homebuyers base their purchasing decision on more than the specific house and grounds . . .  they also ""buy the neighborhood.""  One of the most effective tools to convey the specific attributes of the local environment of your house is the Know the Neighborhood database program.  Everything from household and education demographics can be provided easily and with credibility.

Including Homeowner Warranty, if Necessary

Prospective  buyers always dread the possibility of ""something going bad"" after they move in.  That's why many buyers look to ""new"" homes.  Many of these fears can be put to rest with and optional program where, at a nominal cost, you could not only protect yourself but also reassure home purchasers that specific components and mechanical items will remain serviceable and functional.

1.           Home Warranties offer a cost-effective way to make your home more attractive to buyers.

  • Gives your property a competitive advantage over similar homes that don't have such coverage.
  • Helps you obtain the best price and a faster sale by reducing buyer fears.  (Typically 3% closer to asking price and 15% faster.)1  Therefore, the warranty pays for itself with higher offering prices.
  • Adds credibility to your property condition statement regarding the condition of your home and minimizes debates over price reduction.  Emphasizes your pride of ownership.

2.           Home Warranties help safeguard you against contract entanglements.

  • Minimizes the risk of mechanical problems killing a transaction before closing or, worse yet, resulting in a lawsuit after the sale.

3.           Home Warranties provide coverage, while your home is on    the market, to protect you against sizeable repair bills before you leave.

  • You pay nothing for coverage until the home sells, even if you have a claim.

You can provide the buyer up to one year's coverage on selected items:

  • Central Heating System
  • Electric Central Air System
  • Interior Plumbing
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Electric Pool Equipment

You may also have coverage on certain items while your property is listed for sale, even before you pay for the coverage.

"We sold our house on the first day we listed with her, got 4 bids, and sold for $6,000 over our asking price. Marilyn took the time to really analyze our property before we listed."     Bruno Fisher re: fire damage investment in Bucktown section of Chicago.

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